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Fukuoka Knit's Plant

  Our plant was founded in 1992 and located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China. It takes about three hours from Shanghai to the plant via a highway. The plant is easily accessed from our head office in Fukuoka Prefecture. The person in charge at the head office has frequently visited the plant and had preliminary discussions concerning business.
  There are about 200 employees in the plant. Since we have employed people who live in the vicinity of the plant that is ingrained in the local area, it is possible to manufacture products in a short period of time even during seasonal festivals. The plant is continuously operated. If you have any request, such as production of samples, please contact us.  

High Quality Manufacturing, Realized by Coordination between Head Office and Plant in China

  We have introduced a videoconference system in the head office and the plant in China and held preliminary discussions, including confirmations of items and checks on product specifications and pre-production samples, in a timely fashion. In this way, we have had face-to-face conversations, confirmed details while looking at products and manufactured higher quality products.

High Quality and Quick Delivery, Realized by Improved Equipment and Technical Capabilities

  We have improved facilities and equipment of the plant, created a comfortable working environment and adopted machinery and tools for manufacturing and finishing products early on. Accumulated technical skills of employees, which are unrivaled by other companies, are maintained in our production site. We also closely cooperate with subcontract factories, and make it possible to manufacture and quickly deliver high quality products.