We support all processes from initial conception and planning to final production. 

Fukuoka Knit's Products


Fukuoka Knit's Production Method

  Fukuoka Knit has its head office in Chikushino City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and its own factory near Shanghai, China. We are a make-to-order manufacturer that produces knitwear and parts (motif etc.), using various methods, including hand knitting, home knitting machine, hand knitting machine, and cut and sew knitting. We have made proposals in accordance with a broad range of customer needs, such as their preferences of textile or knitted fabric. We support manufacturing of high-quality products by taking advantage of our human resources, technology and equipment, which are combined with our know-how accumulated through our 41-year operation in China, and of the thorough delivery date management that is realized by the online connection between the head office and the factory.